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After a grueling month long jury trial, Ned Hickey obtained a defendant’s verdict in the Derby (CT) Superior Court.  Lorenzo Santagata, et al v. Adam Babiarz, et al.  The plaintiff, a 55 year old man, sustained permanent debilitating injuries when a tractor trailer rolled over and crushed his foot.  The plaintiff established over $1.11 million in economic damages and plaintiff’s counsel, in summation, asked the jury to award a $4.1 million dollar verdict.

Ned succeeded in persuading the jury to find no negligence on the part of his client.  The plaintiff, a truck driving instructor, was suing his student who was operating the tractor trailer and at the time was learning a complex docking maneuver.  Ned convinced the jury that the plaintiff was walking too close to the tractor trailer and that, as an instructor, he had a heightened duty of care.  Superior Court Judge Barbara Brazzel-Massaro presided.